Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ongoing Odd Goings On

Continuing on with the history
Of the ongoing Pinetree mystery . . .
        With the limerick still up,
        We went out for sup,
To mark our 42nd anniversary.

We dined in a restaurant from Rome,
Then returned to the quiet of home.
        When we turned on the light,
         Right out in plain sight,
Was a little note taped to my phone.

The message said, "Mystery solved."
But for us, it was still unresolved.
         A note in the kitchen?
         Now that's just bewitchin'!
Does this mean our family's involved?

To be continued . . .


Jane Robertson said...

Hehehe - the plot thickens...

Pukeko G said...

So does the porridge :)) .. you are being watched ..