Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pinetree Mystery: Installment #3

We simply could not wait to wake her,
Our daughter? the mystery maker?
            She woke in a fuzz
            But she knew who it was!
Of the note, she was just the caretaker.

Her story was this: Came a knock.
It was just after seven o’clock.
            Two folks we don’t know
            Gave a friendly hello,
And at last they were ready to talk.

But alas, we were out for the night.
The timing was not yet quite right.
            A folk artist was he,
            A writer was she,
They would just leave their cards and take flight.

But not without bidding us well,
With a promise their story to tell,
            Would we come the next day,
            Just a few blocks away?
This time we should ring THEIR doorbell . . . 

 . . . to be continued . . . not because I'm trying to hold readers
 in suspense, but to buy time for writing the next installment. 
Why I ever started this limerick idea, I can't imagine.  dkm


Jane Robertson said...

hehehe - you are condemned now to write all your blog posts in rhyming couplets Deb ;-)

dkm said...

Never again!

Jane Robertson said...

But I am in awe of your wordsmithing. You make it look so easy - but rhymes like 'wake her, maker, caretaker' must take a lot of hard slog!

dkm said...

The rhyming's not the hard part. It's making the sentences fit the rhymes and keep the rhythm that causes the hard slog. I know why the current trend in poetry is not to rhyme---makes it a lot harder to say what you want to say! Even in a simple limerick But fun for a short project. And gives me even more respect for the old classic poets and their minds.

Niki Palmer said...

I am so impressed Deb. You are very clever. On the writer/photographer forum I belong to, one of the competitions is Chinese Whispers and we are taking turns at 'modernising' The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It's so funny because we all add our own quirks. It tends to drift away from the original poem and gets a bit out of hand. Especially now that I'm involved with it! hehehehe

dkm said...

Hehehehe----- I'd like to read th Niki Palmer version of th ancient mariner!

Pukeko G said...

Your mystery, like porridge it thickens
Our heart skips a beat and then quickens
Our nerves are all jangling
You're leaving us dangling
The suspense, oh you're just like Charles Dickens!

dkm said...

Hahahahaha, PG!!! That is FABULOUS!!!!

Pukeko G said...

Thanks Debs .. just waiting for your next installment :)

bibi said...

Its time to finish this story! I am so glad Peggy filled me in!

Pukeko G said...

Merry Christmas to you and all your family. :o}< Have a great day and hope the new year brings just what you are searching for. Take care. With love .. Geoff :o)>