Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Blue

Home at last, after a summer and fall of domestic travels to destinations in other states.  I'm eager to return to the comfort of routine---to the welcome pull of the backyard for my daily hour of long-sitting.  What began as a discipline for the purpose of exercise writing has changed character over the course of time.  It has become the hour on which I depend for my internal well-being.  Perhaps it does for me what meditation does for many.

The four most recent trips have all been to joyful and celebratory events, important and precious in countless ways, but they have allowed no time for simply being outside.    I've been to AL for a nephew's wedding, to PA for a family reunion, to KS for a five-friends reunion, and to IN for my daughter's wedding.  All of these events enriched my life beyond measure, and I would not have missed them for the world.  But lacking downtime, I have wound up tight as a spring.

I had imagined blogging retroactively about the goat farm in AL, the mountains in PA, the skies in KS, the maples in IN, but today's crystalline October air in GA says to let them all go in exchange for the present---to breathe and nothing more---it is enough.   And so it is.  dkm