Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'm intrigued by Blogger's "popular post" feature under the Stats tab.  You can set it to show your most-read posts by the week, month, or all time.  Doesn't matter which timeframe I select, an old post titled "Surprising Hawk Poop" is almost always the most read. Another one that shows up more often than not includes a photo of the scat left behind in a bluebird nest after the fledglings have taken their first flight. I used the term "blobs of you-know-what" in the text of that post.

So, do I take this to mean that all a blog-writer has to do to generate a wider readership is wax on about the extraordinary wonders of bird poop? Such a curious species, homo sapiens. If the future anthropologists of a differently evolved life form from another planet ever study us, I'd love to know what they conclude. dkm