Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back soon!

It's not for lack of breathtaking moments in the backyard that I haven't posted for a while.  There was that fluffy fledgling wren on the deck, so new she didn't fly away when spoken to, the new kid twins on the goatfarm, the sun glancing off the creekwater in a way supernatural.

A squirrel with a cut off tail came for help to the door. I swear, he knocked.  Dozens and dozens of redwing blackbirds on their early trek north, the birdfeeder emptying in 1.5 days during migration season, the multitudes of goldfinches. And dare I mention the goddess mothers?

I'm still enjoying your blogposts, but not commenting these days for fear of getting lost in the fun and never getting back to my own stuff.  Meantime, working on writing of another kind. Don't give up on me. Will post regularly again when I finish this cussed little work of fiction. Be back soon! dkm