Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blue Boy

Joie de vivre! What a thing to witness, the courtship of the bluebirds in the cherry tree. His sweet and repeated chewww, chu, chu, chu calls me to window from desk in The Aerie. Thanks to his blue blue back on bare bare limbs, it takes only seconds to find them. Her grayness without him would have forced a longer search.

He sidles up to her on the branch. She demures and scoots further out. He scoots toward her again. She flies away. He follows her into the woods. I return to my desk. All morning long I hear his plaintive chewwww, chu, chu, chu. It's a rainy day. Poor boy. He's so painfully obvious. dkm
Taken another year, after the leaves were out, but you get the idea