Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr DeSoto, I Presume?

The tooth extraction intensifies, but the dentist does not work on the swing as first thought. His minimalist dental chair is a pinebough directly overhead, and high up. I only know this because for two days I've watched the teeth fall on the swing and on me---in a steady, perpetual drop from above---at the rate of one every ten to fifteen seconds. The swing is the landing pad, not the job site. I assume it's the work of a squirrel, thinking chipmunks don't climb that high, though focus as I might, I can not see the busy fellow. I can, however, determine the bough on which he sits by the single spot from which all the teeth originate---first over one side of the branch, then the other. Occasionally comes a core stripped clean. I'd expect to see the squirrel scurring to bring a fresh pinecone to the site, but haven't. Every morning and every evening the swing is covered with fresh discards. I sweep them away to sit. They keep falling on and around me. One of them glanced off my wine glass and made it ring. dkm

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