Thursday, October 8, 2009

Excitement in the Air . . .

It comes in the form of relational energies among the dozens of lemon yellow butterflies that flutter in the sun at this time of year above and around the naturalized impatiens flowers and tomato blossoms.

Never still for long, my lemon yellows are difficult to count, but at least six of them are currently in view as they actively pursue each other and their sustaining flower nectars. They are unmistakably aware of each others' presence as they dart and spin and follow one another from plant to plant, often lighting on the same plant, just inches apart. They rise into the air, chasEE and chasER, spinning and darting around and away from each other in what can only be flirtatious foreplay.

Today I've not seen them make contact but I remember another observation of mid-air crashing, in slam-bam-thank-you ma'am fashion. Having observed the mating of the white moths between that observation and this(see blog entry for 9/13/09 with photo), I wonder if there isn't more to it for the lemon yellows, as well. Do they retreat into the shadows to finish a job I'm not privy to witness? And how promiscuous are they? I can't tell if the spinning partners are uniquely selected, or if any one of the species is worthy of a go round. dkm

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