Monday, May 24, 2010

Be Still My Heart

A big departure from my usual today---sorry---to indulge the first grade teacher in me---well, more accurately, the grandmother----

My six-year old grand-daughter and her mother were sorting through outgrown toys yesterday to take to Goodwill. When her mother warned her they would be getting rid of a lot of toys, she said, "That's okay, as long as we don't mess with my library."

Happiness. My job is nearly done.

The only photo I could find that showed a portion of her wall of books. dkm


Sarah Nathaniel said...

The shelfs in this picture are only now 1/8 of her books.

dkm said...

that was from her mother---I guess my job's not completely done---not until I make sure my daughter knows how to spell the plural of shelf :-) Sorry, Sarah---all in good humor, you understand. Couldn't resist after what I said about my job being done.

Anonymous said...

Uggggh, you're such a writer. I'm used to my spell check. Plus I was at work and was swamped when I commented. Cut me some slack. Trust me--if I could have painted what I wanted to say it would have come out better. Remind me to start having you edit my work at NSU.

dkm said...

Lazy outdoes learned?
Lesson on-line.
Love on love,
(Your) lil ole lady

p.s. wait till you see the fabulous book i made for your grandmother today---on iphoto---of your gorgeous children---it's dazzling---best late mother's day present EVER--- one for you too---too bad I'm LOL (late olways late)


That is incredible--sometimes I wonder if we're fully formed by the time we're 4. Totally adorable anecdote! Thanks for sharing. It is great that she is so little and already appreciates the value of knowledge, imagination, and learning. Fantastic post.

sally said...

I worry about children who don't have books! Books are sacred at our house. We even keep books that have broken spines because they have memories at our house! Written language is a gift at our house. Everyone talks!!!