Wednesday, June 30, 2010

M.A.P.S. / Releasing a Bird

To hold a wild bird in one's hand is to touch the pulse of the natural world. The warmth of its bird body, the beat of its heart, the clutch of its foot around a finger, the quiver of wing. Each sensation, taken individually, was a thing of wonder; collectively, they coalesced into an awareness like no other, of such combination of frailty and bravery and stoicism and toughness and patience and endurance and perseverance and grace as to be a model for how we all should live.

Yet such sentient abundance paled next to the exhilarating release of tension that came from the lifting up and letting go of each bird---to feel it take leave, to see it first dip then rise into the air on its own power when only seconds before it had been powerless against the soft fold of a human hand. The high competence of a small bird in the face of what must have been a terrifying ordeal was exemplary. Unrolling my fingers to return each bird to its own wild brought a lightness of spirit to be remembered for a lifetime. dkm


Anonymous said...

You write so beautiful. Ive been catching up on your posts. Love the picture of the Yellow Throat. Very cute! I will have to send you a pic of the Wax Eyes here. They are so delicate. They flock round the pig scraps and I took a lovely photo of them. Trouble is the cats keep getting them :o(

How's your book editing coming along?

dkm said...

Thanks and nice to hear from you again. Don't know the wax eyes. If it's half as interesting as the little primping fan bird you sent (whose name I can't remember) I'll look forward to that photo. I know what a skilled photographer you are.

Work on my book has slowed considerably. Keeping my six yr old granddaughter ths summer, which limits writing time. Back to late at nights, early morning, and naptime. But plodding along. New goal to finish by end of October. How about yours?


Hi! I left you an award on my blog!

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