Friday, October 29, 2010


Blue blue October sky. Crisp air. A single maple leaf lets go of its branch and swings to the ground, in lovely transition from life to death. A transfixing moment observed.

My dear friend Pam told me yesterday about the same moment for her brother, who let go of life during the singing of the Doxology by his family and church choir members who had gathered around him for his transition.

I am honoured that she shared the moment with me, and it recalls another---the fleeting moment, forever remembered, when my father and I squeezed my mother's hands as her last breath drifted into the universe---in the way of the red maple leaf. dkm


Jane Robertson said...

Every early spring I look at the tiny new buds forming on the bare trees and think what a miracle - life renewing. Positioning human life and death within that natural cycle is very comforting. I'll remember the single red maple leaf...

Pukeko G said...

Wow ! Lovely .... Sad ... well written.