Saturday, June 11, 2011

Urban Ibis

A white ibis on the RR tracks is something one would never see in Atlanta, and I was surprised to see it in Ft Lauderdale, on the short walk to my grandson's pre-school.  My guess is this ibis and his species-mates are none too happy about having their habitat paved over by a city, however well they've adapted. Have to wonder what they think railroad tracks are.

If this is not an ibis, I hope someone out there will correct me.  Andrew?  Mary?  Lisa? Click on the photo to see its long bill more closely

I and my point-and-shoot digital camera found tons of new and noteworthy sights on our daily walk during the week I was visiting in Ft. Lauderdale, but not as many as Nick did. If it's small and it's a bug, he's interested.  Maybe because he's so much closer to the ground than the rest of us, like the ibis.  Have to wonder what Nick is thinking, too.  

I can imagine the author of Slugyard, a great nature blog I read out of the Pacific Northwest, might have had the same fascination for bugs as a child.  As for Nick, looks like he could have a Slugyard of Ft. Lauderdale blog in his future.  I'd certainly encourage it.  dkm


bibi said...

roly polys, ants, slugs, my mae loved them all till a few weeks ago. Now she screams at the sight of anything with wings or six legs. I can't imagine what is going on in that little head!

Jane Robertson said...

That's a stunning beak - very like a Kiwi's.

I love the photo of Nick and the fern shadow. It's that ability to see and notice and wonder that we so often lose in busy adult lives. And why your blog is so great.

hannahmiller said...

that's an adult white ibis!

dkm said...

Thanks Han---will include you in my next list of bird experts!

And Jane, you have an eye for light and shadow---something I rarely see---but would like to be more aware of---I hadn't noticed the fern shadow until you pointed it out-- it does lend an extra dimension to that photo---so thanks!

Nicole said...

What a sweet cutie :D
I sometimes wonder too what kids think. Their views are so untainted when they are that small :)
I love the Ibis :)

Patricia Lichen said...

Bibi, I've got a daughter like yours! Hallie loved all the small things when she was little; now at 16 she shrieks at the sight of a spider. I'm hoping that when the drama of being a teenager subsides, this will too...

May Nick never outgrow his fascination and appreciation!