Saturday, August 20, 2011

Admonished by Geese

Talk of alarm clock and lullaby.  Such a racket the geese made over Lake Junaluska, where I was last week, working on the elusive chapter 33.  It took days of forced concentration on loose puzzle pieces that wouldn't fit together until day 8.  Had I been at home I might have walked away from the computer a thousand times, but the geese would have none of that.

The combined ever-present chatter they make over and around the lake is next to impossible to capture in words.  From single murmurs and sputters when they're settling at dusk, intermittent whining throughout the night, chatty conversation amongst themselves in the early morning, to full-blown honking by the dozens when they  fly low across the lake in crooked Vs.  Each must be trying to out-honk the next.  New York City taxis are no rival for their collective clatter.

Migrating geese high above Decatur in the spring and fall are loud enough to call me out of my house.  But over Lake J, where they are year-round residents, near, low, and many, they are deafening.  I could never catch them in flight, though their Vs are common sights skimming across the lake.  

The week I was there, they never once let up with their admonishing.  "Keep typing!  Keep those keys clicking!  Don't you dare get up from that computer!  Don't you know ideas can only flow through moving fingers?  For God's sake, you came here to write, so write already! How much tea can you drink?  TEA?  You really think green tea is the answer?  Write a blogpost about us, why don't you?"

All of them rattle at once.  I did not feel gladness in my heart for their honking until chapter 33 was behind me and 34 fell easily into place.  Still, I wonder, are there no predators of the Canada Goose at Lake Junaluska? dkm
Canada Goose

A pair

A gaggle

  The Jemima Puddleduck kind?

Chatty cousins

One misty moisty morning over Lake Junaluska


Jane Robertson said...

Awww - I can enjoy the pictures without the chatter! Lovely Jemima PD. Being raised on Beatrix Potter, Kenneth Grahame et al. can be a disadvantage at times. But (shhhhh!) I'm sure one of those well-fed Canada geese would go well with green peas, new potatoes...

Niki can tell you some stories about geese...

Anonymous said...

you are correct, there are no predators of the geese here at the lake. that combined with many of the residents feeding the gesse has caused the explosion in poulation you observed. I'm glad they were able to assist you!