Sunday, March 4, 2012

Of Things Haiku

Waycool haiku thankyou
Thanks, Sara and Ed!

Speaking of  haiku, nature lovers who also like wordplay will like Patricia Lichen's blog.  It's fun, environmentally savvy, literary, and wholly unique. On weekends  she invites her readers to respond with haiku or a limerick to one of her posts from the last five days. She brings a moment of poetic beauty to every Monday by posting a provocative quotation about the environment.  In addition to the midweek tidbits I learn about the environment on her blog, I look forward to the Monday quote and to the opportunity for a little creative wordplay every weekend. I don't know Patricia and Patricia doesn't know me,  but I know you will enjoy her blog. dkm


Niki said...

Oh how wonderful.
Words, birds and flowers to share.
Perfect neighbour, you.

hahaha sorry. This my first attempt at haiku. I think I remembered the rules from Patricia's blog. :)

Jane Robertson said...

Great haiku Niki! And I so like 'waycool haiku'.

I have popped in to Patricia's blog and would love to visit more regularly. How to find the time is my problem. Or more accurately, how to do what I want to do online without letting it be ALL that I do!!

dkm said...

Another waycool haiku, Niki :-)

And Jane, Amen about the time issue. So many blogs, so little time! I'm trying to discipline myself to getting online only after my work is done---b/c if I start the morning online, half a day can go by without my knowing it.

Patricia Lichen said...

Oh, how wonderful that you have neighbors who send you a haiku thank you! I am going to snitch this idea and start doing it from now on!

Thanks for the blog plug!
I appreciate it and
all your haiku too!

Pukeko G said...

Friends that live around
Without a sound.

Not sure if that is ok but someone can tell me anyway. And I wonder if Patricia's relatives are Green?

Niki said...

Duh! PG it's 5,7,5...try again...sighhh :)

Pukeko G said...

Check Haiku in English :o))

Niki said...

Yours doesn't even refer to a season. Mine does with flowers...sort of. hehe

dkm said...

Laughing hard in Atlanta.

Had not expected
to cause marital strife in
the comment section.

Nice thought, "friendly without a sound," rules or no rules. Poetic. Also liked "words, birds, and flowers," as well as Patricia's thankyou haiku. Clever folks!

Pukeko G said...

Good answer Debs :o)>

Pukeko G said...

Thanks D .. check Nikis plum post again :)

Pukeko G said...

From Plumpost .. A dead dogwood .. sounding like a poem title. ? Not too far into Autumn but leaves are turning a lovely colour and slowly dropping .. the weather is more settled now than through summer though cooler so so far so good :) And yes .. the felled tree could have been pushed by a child .. it was ringbarked by animals, a silverbirch. I have a few more large trees to remove and then we will be in a tree planting mode .. no more pines or gums. ;-}<