Friday, May 25, 2012

Go Bluebirds!

Drama in the cherry tree.  Who knew bluebirds would attack a squirrel?

Earlier observations had given me the impression bluebirds are as meek as they are beautiful. They allowed a tiny gregarious house wren to run them out of their chosen nesting box. They come to the deck feeder only when no others are there and leave the instant another approaches. He offers a quiet murmur of a song—never pretentious or arrogant—more complacent, even timid. They seem the model for quiet contemplation when they sit long on a low branch watching for worms in the grass.

Not this morning. Again and again Sir Blue came at the squirrel, preventing its progress along a branch in the cherry tree. When the squirrel didn't give up, Madame Blue joined in the aggressive flutter and dive-bombing act until the squirrel retreated down the trunk.

I knew the Blues had a nest nearby because he's been ever-present in the yard recently, busy in the relentless search for food. I've guessed she is sitting on eggs, and he's feeding her, but I couldn't tell where.

Not long ago they gave me hope when they investigated the two corner nesting boxes nailed to pinetree trunks in the upper yard near the house. One of those pines stands right next to the cherry in question, but I supposed the Blues chose a more hidden spot when I saw no more activity there.  Nobody has nested in those old boxes for years, I think because the squirrels have chewed the holes too large to be safe, but I don't know for sure. The last nesters were a family of tufted titmice several years ago.

This morning's repeated attacks on the squirrel sent me in search through the cherry tree and environs.  I could find only this messy collection of leaves and sticks. I thought it belonged to a squirrel, but other than the empty birdhouse on the pinetree, there could be no other place.

  Have my good and gentle bluebirds purloined a squirrels's nest? Wahoo! This will be fun to watch.  dkm


Jane Robertson said...

All's fair in love and war eh??! Go the Blues!! (though now I feel sorry for the squirrel, if indeed i is the squirrel's nest).

Jane Robertson said...

PS I love the trunk on the pine

dkm said...

Haha. My neighbor and many others around here would be happy with a few less squirrels doing their mischief. The pine tree is a loblolly---also common in these parts. But watch for next post. I just found the bluebird nest. Not in squirrel's nest.

Jane Robertson said...

Look forward to the next installment... :-)

Niki said...

Aww, so they're not in the squirrel nest. I guess there won't be any pictures of you climbing tall pine trees then?

I googled pigeon eggs. They hatch two at a time.

Pukeko G said...

That pine looks tall .. how did you get up there ?? Cool name .. Loblolly :)

dkm said...

If I don't answer that, you'll go on thinking I did, right? Hate to ruin the impression but i only zoomed in with camera. No climbing. Stood at base of tree. They are about 90 feet tall.

Pukeko G said...

So you were effectively the 6 million dollar woman with a bionic eye ! beep beep beep beep beep .. :)