Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fast-moving Tortoise

I don't know what kind of tortoises they are, or how they came to live at Black Pines Animal Sanctuary, but most of the residents there are rescued from misguided captors who tried to own exotic animals in places where they cannot thrive in good health or happiness. So whatever the early history of these tortoises, they are lucky to be at Black Pines now, and for the rest of their lives. 

When we visited, at least, they were having a pretty good day. 


In the heat of the moment he toppled onto his back and couldn't right himself. She tried her best to flip him over, but was unsuccessful. What sweet display of tenderness for her best beloved, I thought. The keeper intervened, explaining that a tortoise will suffocate if stranded too long on its back.

 Judging from the high speed chase that followed the rescue, I may have misinterpreted the she turtle's motives for helping her mate. This is her chasing him, not the other way around. Looks more like she's thinking, "You better finish what you started, you bastard." dkm 


Jane Robertson said...

Wish you could see the grin on my face :-)
Poor Mr Tortoise - I think he's hoofing it because of extreme embarrassment and fear of having to repeat the exercise!!

Wonderful to have such a sanctuary. I would love to see tortoises close up.

lzinn said...

Fun fact I just learned when we went back to Black Pine for a "Wine in the Pines" fundraising event - Both the tortoises are male!

dkm said...

For real?! Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
It's a better story than I knew :-)

Anonymous said...

Can they marry in Georgia?

dkm said...

Ha! Not yet, but as of this week, they can in Indiana, surprise, surprise. Maybe the tortoises were a good omen on the day we visited, that the federal judge in Indiana was about to overturn the ban. Get it---overturn :-)

Pat Lichen said...

Oh, great stuff! Both the post AND the comments!

dkm said...

Patricia Lichen! So great to see you here!