Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ivied Arbor

They enter their nest like helicopters on a landing pad, the mysterious and beautiful rufous sided towhees. Today is day #15 for the nest they have built in the top of the arbor that was first a gift from Moe on our 25th, now covered with English ivy.

SHE of brown head and shoulders has lain her eggs, I think, for I don't see her as often as before, and when I do, she looks slimmer. She comes off the nest occasionally, but doesn't go far or stay away long. She looks bedraggled and hangdog, with feathers out of place, not as sleek or elegant as during the courtship. Yet HE continues with the pomp and circumstance of his station, to rustle in the leaves in all his black head and shouldered beauty, or to brag from a nearby branch. Gi-ver-neeeeeee!

For all his pontificating, he is an attentive husband and father. Do towhees take turns keeping the eggs warm? Or are these two already feeding nestlings? I see both of them, at different times hovering and lowering into the ivy topped arbor pad. dkm


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