Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lake's Surface on Rainy Day

The changing character of the lake has attracted my notice again and again on this rainy day. With no window of time rainless enough to walk, I would have expected the lake's surface to be nothing but murky ripples all day. Wrong.

Multiple effects in turn. Tiny ripples, larger wrinkles, smooth as glass with perfect reflection of opposite shore's mountains in full color, wide strips of gloss alternating with wide strips of ripples, smooth patches and rough in paisley-like swirls, bright glints of reflected sun on slow small waves, obscured by mist, no mist, smooth enough to show circular ripples made by raindrops fast or slow, rain ripples bumping against each other, choppy enough to accept raindrops without effect, splashing when the rain fell hard, smeared reflections, sharp clear images.

While I barely understand the physics of any of the lake's effects, most baffling are the simultaneous side-by-side strips of high gloss and pebbly ripples. dkm

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