Monday, November 29, 2010

Rainsplash Piano Keys

And speaking of coincidence---let me not forget to recount a lovely one that occurred on a recent rainy day, Mon, Nov 15, to be exact, during my morning meditation, which necessarily took place inside looking out, due to rain.

Many birds at the feeder drew my attention away from meditation, causing me to wonder why they didn't take shelter in the rain. Housefinches, cardinals, titmice, chickadees, and yes, my pair of bluebirds, filled all six feeding stations, aggressively vying for the available perches, chasing each other away for their turns. It was as if they thought it was their last meal for a long time---maybe because of the storm?

Steady rain fell vertically in the absence of wind, and I sat watching through glass doors, pondering the birds and the rain on the deck banister, which was at eye-level. Tiny splashes raced back and forth across the flat-topped banister at random intervals, reminding me of piano keys under an able pianist's fingers. As I watched, I became aware that beautiful piano music was playing on WABE radio's Second Cup Concert. I did not recognize the piece, but noted how like these birds in the rain it was. I listened, consciously willing the rainsplash to synchronize with the piano, mesmerized by the visual and aural mix of the moment.

I don't know if the confirmation that followed was due to mathematical odds or cosmic choreography, but remarkably, Lois Reitzes's distinctive voice announced at the end of the piece that it was Franz Liszt's piano composition titled St. Frances of Assisi Preaching to the Birds.

In the words of Dave Barry, "I am not making this up." I was only paying attention. dkm


Pukeko G said...

hmmm .. coincidences .. they do happen. Sorry but cannot think of something clever to add. You are still forking out a lot of attention hey ? :O}<

dkm said...

LOL---I'm still watching for a blog post from the guy who remembers the earthworms in a quake----also wondering how Niki's novel-in-a-month-project went.

Pukeko G said...

Please don't hold your breath waiting or you might end up looking at the world from the worms perspective !! :o))>
Niki got her 50 000 words done in the month and is now working on her assignment. Take care.. PG

Jane Robertson said...

Oh, this is lovely and prompted my first smile of the day. It is also a timely reminder, in the crazy Christmas season, not to forget to slow down and pay attention,,,