Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bluebird Nestwatch: Day 18

Still, we wait. The bluebird nestlings poked their heads and shoulders out of the nest box on and off all day, keeping me on the edge of my seat for six hours straight.  Amazing how long one can stay focused on one tiny spot when action is expected at any moment.   With binoculars, camera, and the natural eye, I was never bored for a second.   Couldn't tell how many nestlings there are.  At least one larger male with a blue head, and one smaller female with less colorful markings.  They vied for the lookout place in the doorway all day long.
You can do it, Baby Blue!
 The Housefinch Brothers cheered them on.

I hated to leave my post, but I had promises to keep that required a 3:00p departure.  When I left, the nestlings were still in the box with the parents attending regularly.

When I returned at 7:30p, there was no sign of any action around the nest box.  My fear is that they fledged in my absence.  My hope is that they were already bedded down for the night, dreaming of fledge day tomorrow.  You know I'll keep you posted. dkm


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I couldnt bear it if we missed them. :( Fingers and feathers crossed that they are still snuggled in fluff.

dkm said...

We missed them---sad but true---thanks for your good wishes!