Friday, May 20, 2011

Lush Florida Landscape

Have just had a wonderful visit with daughter, Hannah, in Gainesville Florida.  Here are some shots from our morning walks:

Foggy morning

No curbs / beautiful environs

Spanish moss is everywhere
Mimosa tree blossom

One house had a whole front yard of whatever this is.


Anybody know this shrub?
It's supposedly fatal to a child who eats only one leaf.
Endangered long leaf pinetree

Nice walk
Entrance to Hannah's house (creeping fig wall)

Who are these guys?  They're all over her porch. 
And this one?

Shrimp plants (?) outside Hannah's window

Where the armadillo was last night. . . 

We saw him through this window

View from another window

Hannah's raw food cuisine

Hannah hard at work
Deb's work station
We had a productive week.  Mine for my fiction writing, hers for her graduate studies. 

Strict schedule:

Rise at 6:30
Coffee till 7
Fast walk till 8
Breakfast and shower till 9
Work Block One /  from 9-12
5 Tibetan Rites & lunch @12-1
Work Block Two /  from 1-4
Yoga & dinner break from 4-6
Work Block Three /  from 6-9
Bedtime with a good book @ 10:30

Rigid rules:
1.  No talking during work blocks
2.  No wine for D or beer for H all week (our respective beverages of choice)
3.  Stick to the schedule
Bye Bye Hannah. Thanks for a wonderful writing retreat! 

Now I'm off to visit daughter #2, Sarah & family, in Fort Lauderdale for another week of daytime writing while Sarah's family is at work and school.  No internet at Sarah's house.  No blogging or e-mailing or googling.  For real! dkm


bibi said...

What a peaceful sanctuary; I love the creeping fig wall. But your schedule wears me out. Not even a LITTLE glass of wine?

Jane Robertson said...

It is a beautiful landscape indeed! I love the long leaf pine. And the little red and black fellows. I'm hugely impressed by the schedule - that's what I need and don't have. But I agree with Bibi - no wine? :-(

Mike B. said...

Always nice to share the surroundings from someplace else. It is so different than here!

NicoleB said...

That is one beautiful place. I love the house and the trees and the greens,....andandand.... :D
Glad you had a good time together!

Pukeko G said...

I see there is a reference to Oleander (the poisonous plant). What a super retreat and great discipline !! Well done :)