Friday, January 6, 2012

For the Time Being

Day four of thirty into this writing retreat, and I have yet to dig into the chapters I came to revise.  Procrastinating, yes, but I'm seeing procrastination differently than I once did.  Having now been on a number of similar retreats, I've learned that it takes a few days to shed the stuff of real life in Decatur---to come to the sense of quietude required to burrow into a fictitious life of story.  I know from past experience, I will eventually find the story, and while I still wrestle with these days, I'm beginning to reduce the angst they cause by viewing the battle as a necessary part of the process.  Maybe these few days are actually pretty effective writing tools---important as pencils and erasers---days I must wander through to get to the place, time, and mode of writing---a place, time, and mode that cannot be achieved without a few days' time. 

The beauty of this insight, I hope, is that time will make the days go by whether or not I'm fighting them.  If I spend them reading, sitting, staring at the marsh, thinking, meditating, walking, breathing, and being, perhaps I will arrive at the page on the other side of them less used up, more fortified for the story.

Sounds good in theory, does it not?  I'll report back in "a few days."  In the meantime, many thanks to Sheila & Barbara for the sleeping house, and to Peggy & Bill for the writing house.   I'll write more about my gracious hosts tomorrow.   Today, there is the marsh to observe, the path to walk, and the breath of the universe to take in and out of my lungs.  dkm 


Niki said...

Enjoy those days, they sound wonderful. I feel so relaxed just reading about it. :)

NicoleB said...

I think those few days might be like traveling.
I mean, when you go on vacation, you need some time to get there.
Guess so does your brain for getting to the place where the story happens :-)

Take some fresh breaths for me too and enjoy the marsh for me as well :-)

Best wishes for you and happy writing.
You'll get there eventually :)

dkm said...

Love that image: traveling time. Will think of it that way from now on. Thanks! Deep breathing now for all my good blogging friends. I like thinking that we all breathe from one giant breath of the universe. But don't worry, I'm not praying for anyone! I'm more of a doubter than a believer :-)

Jane Robertson said...

The page on the other side of the days... :-)

I am a great believer in process. Also that 'there is a time for every purpose...'

You have to shed and also acquaint yourself with a new environment - part of valuing where you are.

It will happen - and we will be breathing with you :-)

Patricia Lichen said...

My, well you certainly didn't misplace your writing chops in your luggage--a lovely post.

Enjoy the unfolding.

Niki said...

hehehe 'writing chops' :D

NicoleB said...

One big giant breath of air. I like that too :-)
And don't get me wrong. I don't mind the general good will prayer or something like that, but if someone prays for me so I might find his way of thinking and religion to be the correct one, I might see red ;-)

dkm said...

Chuckle chuckle. You and me, both. As a very wise Mahatma Ghandhi once said (and I hope I'm not misquoting) "Religions are like mothers; there are many good ones, but we love our own the best."

Here's to finding "writing chops" :-)