Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rue Not This Day

If not birders, they are at least respecters of the natural world, the older couple that stopped in their tracks today when they saw two great egrets light a good distance ahead of them on the boardwalk. They were crossing the marsh on Fripp Island, where I am visiting for another writing retreat.  From my writing house, I happened to be watching the egrets through the binoculars when the couple came into view.  They are people I'm sure I would like.

Everything about their standing still there was a measure of love.  Their stooped posture, their slow progress halted, and the way they supported each other in the act of not disturbing the egrets, did for me what Robert Frost's dust of snow must have done for him when he wrote:

"The way a crow shook down on me,
The dust of snow from a hemlock tree,
Has given my heart a change of mood,
And saved some part of a day I had rued."

The couple did not continue on the path until a third egret flew over, and the two on the banister joined it in flight. I had rued this day for not getting any of the work I came to do done.  The couple and the egrets changed everything.  dkm


Niki said...

How lovely :) and wonderful to have you back on the blog.

Shock...horror...I started a story yesterday about a hedgehog :D

The kids had their cousins over to play. Their noisy little voices inspired me to write.

dkm said...

I have a friend who claims the hedgehog is her husband's totem, both the hedgehog and her husband being prickly:-) She and I will love your hedgehog story. Hooray to having you back in the story writing mode. Would love to read it someday.

Jane Robertson said...

After a not very good night of heat, mosquitoes and pain, I read this post and it felt as though the world came right. Your words touch the essence of being Deb. Age and caring and love, for each other and the natural world. And the words from Robert Frost - so simple and perfect. I do not know this poem but will seek out a collection because I have always loved his work but never read it beyond the very familiar.

I wish the elderly couple could read what you have written. Perhaps you might meet them and can tell the story. Or perhaps it is just one of those chance happenings that is sufficient in itself.

Thank you :-)

dkm said...

Soooo sorry to know you are still dealing with those #*$@# shingles! May they retreat a little more each day. And thanks for your thanks:-)I had the same desire to seek the couple out and tell them how they cheered me. But too far away. Will watch for them during the month I am here.

NicoleB said...

Beautiful! I love moments like that. They are rare and to be cherished and yes, they can change a whole day.
Best wishes!

dkm said...

Nicole, I love your member profile---especially the part about religion--and "don't pray for me." :-)

NicoleB said...

LOL, I added that part after a conversation gone very wrong with a Muslim on G+.
sigh ;-)

dkm said...

Would have loved being party to that conversation :-)