Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Kid on the Block

What an elegant thing it is
to have a goat named in one's honor.
Meet Kauffman's Debby's Retreat. 
She's just four hours old, 
she smells like a new puppy, 
and she has a star on her Nubian forehead. 
Did I mention that she's named after me? 
Be still my heart. 

I was visiting my brother's goat farm 
in Talladega, Alabama 
on a five day writing retreat. 
How thrilling when they said
if Mama Brandy gave birth while I was there
they would name her kid for the occasion. 
She did, they did, 
and I am honored beyond measure. 
Precious, warm, and sweet-smelling.
She fell asleep in my arms.
But OMG, I'm going for new glasses tomorrow!
Honest, I'm not that ugly or old.
We had hoped to witness the sacred moment of birth, 
but Brandy surprised us by presenting her beautiful little girl, 
already birthed and licked clean
by the time we got to her stall, 
the second day of the retreat. 

Brandy is not your average goat. 
She's a certified purebred Nubian
with long ears and high pedigree, 
as are all her barn mates.  
They have hoity-toity names,
 like race horses,
and they all have nicknames.

Brandy's registered name is
Laurel Oak Apricot Brandy.
Can't imagine how I came away without a photo of her.
She's the color of apricot, 
as beautiful as her chocolate brown baby.

Kauffman's Debby's Retreat
 is to be called Ri-ri.
I think her nickname is as cute as her ears.
My sister-in-law, Sandy, with Ri-ri
Ri-ri's daddy (or sire) is 
Goldthwaite Kentucky Wonder,
called Tuck. 

These photos of Jim and Ri-ri make me cry.

Who knew my baby brother would grow up to be a goat farmer?
More about Peace in the Valley Farm next post.  dkm


bibi said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful post.

Jane Robertson said...

I'm sitting here, wordless. I truly don't know what to write - this is such a perfect post.

Look at those EARS!!!

She is beautiful and so are all those looking after her.

I would love to hold a little kid - all legs and ears. She looks tiny in your arms but quite solid and strong standing on her own.

Will so look forward to hearing more about the farm :-)

Sarah Miller Nathaniel said...

She's beautiful! Must have been an incredible feeling to hold such a new baby-and named after you! Love the pics of you guys holding Debby's Retreat.

Ellen said...

oh lovely! And what a beautiful creature she is!
Congrats on your namesake.

And thanks for the photos. What a joy.

Jane Robertson said...

Just got the post title :-)

dkm said...

That's likely my fault, Jane. I changed the title after the original posting. I'm bad about thinking of better ways to say things, then going back to make changes.

Niki said...

:D Awww she is just beautiful. I love her ears and the red barn.

dkm said...

Niki & PG, I'm thinking this is pretty ordinary stuff for someone who works as close to the land as you do---an expected part of your every day life---but to a city slicker like me, it was a pretty big event. It's why I love your blog, Niki, for the beauty and wonder of your life and experience that is so different from mine. I remembered your glorious pigtail photo and tried to do the same with the goats, but my photography skills didn't do it justice!

Pukeko G said...

We have had kids but none with such adorable 'Dumbo' ears ! Niki has rescued the wee tackers from freezing to death in the snow etc (just born) by washing them in warm water and drying them then wraping them up in towels on hotties, to be reaquainted with Mum in special wee motels for a day or two till they get their strength and drinking skills honed. Most baby animals are cute and you don't get sick of that. :o)>

bibi said...

Debbie, come back! I wonder what I am missing in your back yard! I enjoyed my walk through this morning, but did not observe with your keen eye. It was good to see you, enjoy those grands.