Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loblolly Toothbrush?

Him again!
Came back to deck in search of more carpenter bee larvae. 
Found previous damage repaired with wood filler, but not yet repainted.
Not even dried yet. 
Tried it. 
Still soft.  
Stuck to beak.
Back to bark of pinetree. 
Cleaning his beak or finding more insects?


Jane Robertson said...

Not easy to hide with a fancy red topknot like that!!

What is the squirrel up to???

dkm said...

Ha! He's after the seed chaff under the feeder. They're omnipresent!

Jane Robertson said...

I've just got the toothbrush reference :-)))

dkm said...

Ha ha, JR. I used to complain about my husband's obscure analogies. Looks like I've adopted the practice!

also, re: confusing previous comment--I meant the squirrels are omnipresent, not the seeds---I had actually taken this photo for the squirrel, but used it for this post b/c it was the only one I had of the wood filler where Moe had repaired the damage done by the woodpecker.

Nicole Burgoz said...

I wonder what wood filler tastes like.... ;-)

Mike B. said...

Love the woodpecker! As my friend Joe points out, pileated woodpeckers look prehistoric.

Pukeko G said...

That brings a new meaning to the term "sticky beak!" :o)> And thats a good action shot of the squirrel about to dive into his work :)

Patricia Lichen said...

I do love the pileated! Nice to see he came back for another visit.

Niki said...

The squirrel is gorgeous. I'd love to squeeze his wee ears :)

I finally got some decent pics of a fantail. Will blog about him soon.

dkm said...

Yay, Niki---will watch for fantail blog---prettiest little bird---