Friday, July 17, 2009

Quiver and Fluff

House wren fledglings seem alive and well today, after yesterday's worry about the flies. They get noisy with every arrival and continue to chirp between feedings. No more flies, and it's a prettier day. Sunny, less humid, high in the low 80's. My guess: The fecal sacs attracted yesterday's flies on a hot humid day. The parents carry them off today after nearly every delivery, a pattern that started yesterday. Maybe they just got behind in their housekeeping. I know that same problem. A further guess: Maybe that long stay inside the house yesterday on the part of the mother meant she was gathering and stacking the fecal sacs by the doorway, the easier to carry them off today. They barely duck their heads through the door to get the sacs after each feeding. Logic says they would have to dig deeper had the sacs not been moved to the door.

A new wondering: Why do the adults sometimes quiver and fluff at the doorway and on the dogwood branch before and after deliveries? dkm

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