Friday, July 17, 2009

We're Hungry!!!!!

Are these photos of nestling Carolina wrens not remarkable? Good friend and blog reader, Paul Beuchele, sent them yesterday. I share them with his permission. The story about how he got the shots is as remarkable as the photos themselves.

His daughter, Cayte, heard the chirping in a hanging planter outside their window. They got a ladder and a camera to have a better look. The mother wren, of course, would not come to the nest with perceived danger standing by, so Paul mimicked her by making a soft whistle sound of his own to wake the sleeping babies. Sure enough, in response to his whistle, three wide yellow mouths clamored to the nest opening, which is a round hole on the side of the nest.

Click on any one of the photos to enlarge it for closer inspection. Don't miss the scrawny wing, the eyes, the power of those spectacular beaks, and that precious sleeping babe. Thanks, Paul and Cayte! dkm

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