Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yesterday I watched a small striped black & yellow bee chewing away at the skin of a dead earthworm on the ground under the swing at my feet. A magnifying glass helped. The most surprising thing was that after only a few minutes the bee had eaten away a gaping hole along the side of the worm through which I could see what looked like pure black finely ground compost. Worm castings not yet cast. Window to the worm.

The sun shines through my overhead window to outer space, revealing fresh blue cloudless sky in a circular frame of bright green leaves and needles. The breezes come in waves to rattle the leaves---brilliant and fluid green against blue---aahh---the breath of the universe.

It's a beautiful morning @ 65 degrees and low humidity. The kind of day that would make me want to fledge from my nest were I a baby house wren. Here's hoping my babies hold out at least two more days, as I can't stay past 9:00 today and must attend a memorial service tomorrow morning. Matters of life and death. dkm


Paul B said...

Deb, your blog has, as you must know, raised my observation of nature, especially birds in my own backyard. That, and my daughter's prodding, led to the photos of the baby Carolina wrens. Today I spent well over half an hour setting up tripod and camera and then waiting for parent bird(s) to bring in supplies. When that failed up went the ladder followed by my faint whistle, opened bird mouths and a couple photos. Later I did get two pictures of the parent(s) via the tripod. Does this make me a real "birder"? I'll send pictures to your e-mail feel free to use if you want. Paul B.

dkm said...

You're in! What you just described makes you certifiable. Hooray!