Friday, March 26, 2010

Surprise of Surprises

Never EVER did I imagine that I, daughter of the chickadee-loving mother of the century, would shoo a Carolina chickadee from a birdhouse in my backyard. But shoo I did, and with vehemence, last Saturday when I heard and saw some chickadees storming the same house my bluebirds have been frequenting.

I was pulling ivy from around the Madame Moullieres on the opposite side of the yard when "there arose such a clatter" I was arrested from my work to see three chickadees chattering and fluttering around the house.

What they were doing, I haven't the faintest, for surely the bluebirds have already claimed that house. Was Ms. Blue inside? Were they trying to scare her off? I can't say, but I surprised myself as much as the chickadees, running like a madwoman at the house, waving my arms, shouting "Shoo! Shoo! You house thieves you!"

They left and I saw neither chickadee nor bluebird the rest of the day. Nor did I see any sign of them through the next three rainy days. I worried that my bluebirds had been run off.

But good news. The bluebirds are back. On Wednesday, another beautiful day, I saw them many times in and out of the house, and perching nearby. Yesterday, a rainy day, I saw him at the feeder and in the dogwood near his house. And today I saw her at the feeder several times. She looks fatter than before. Is she with egg? dkm

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't know Chickadees were actually birds. haha how cute. I call my kids, chickadees.