Monday, March 8, 2010

Wonder of Wonders . . .

. . . Miracle of miracles, a pair of bluebirds is researching the copper-roofed birdhouse this morning---the same day I embark on a new game plan for the manuscript that has consumed the last five years of my life. Here's hoping the bluebirds will be my companions through this 8th, (8th! ) revision. If I complete it within a nesting season, THAT will be a miracle, too.

So I set a new goal today. Finish the 8th draft of The Wayback Letters by the time the last clutch of bluebirds fledges. (August?)

Last year, a male bluebird attempted the same birdhouse, but my feisty father housewren, whose nest I chronicled in this blog, drove him off. Mr. Bluebird must have persevered somewhere nearby, however, b/c I saw a pair of adult bluebirds occasionally throughout the 2009 season, and even spied a fledgling on the tomato stakes one day in late summer.

I've not seen or heard signs of the housewren nesters yet this season. They don't usually begin until April. Clever bluebirds beat them to it. Early bird gets the house. dkm


Anonymous said...

I like the title The Wayback Letters. It sounds very interesting. Is that your middle grade book?

dkm said...

Yes----and so glad you think it sounds interesting. Gives me confidence to stick to my guns, since my free-lance editor has suggested changing the title. Whole thing still needs lots of work. Not even close to finished. 8th draft may be the death of me!