Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surprising Hawk Poop

I can't find a single likeness in any of my bird ID books, including old Roger Tory, to the giant hawk that breezed in, silent and low, to sit for awhile in the dogwood tree at the back of the yard. Wingspan was enormous. It settled on the bare branch in the rain with its back toward me, so I know it wasn't our red-tail, unless it was a juvenile whose color is not fully developed. But too early in spring for little hawks---and this one was HUGE.

It's back and shoulders were speckled brown and white, its tail, horizontally striped shades of brown, and the top of its head was definitely white. Relatively large head, short tail---maybe an owl, but head shaped more like a hawk's.

Whatever it was, as I watched through the binoculars, it stood up tall on its legs, elevated its rear end and let go with a long liquid ribbon of pure white poop that reached nearly all the way from branch to ground before it stopped coming, a distance of 8-10 feet. dkm


Anonymous said...

YUM! This is nice to read while I'm eating my lunch. hehe

I opened your email this morning when suddenly there was a noisy chirpy chatter going on outside. It was a fantail come to visit. I tried to get his photo but he wouldn't sit still long enough. Often they will come inside through a open window, flit around for a nosey then leave again. Very cute :o)

dkm said...

What fun. Sounds like that fantail knew we were thinking of him. Global energy!

Anonymous said...

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Pukeko G said...

I bet it felt better after that !! Now go and scoop the poop and add it to your garden .. good stuff. :)

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