Thursday, April 15, 2010


The bald eagle flew across my path thrice this morning---every time close enough for me to hear the papery shuffle and whir of its wings. Twice it soared over the bay when it left my tree. Once it cried its rusty-gate cry.

I also got to know a kingfisher and its loud dry rattling call today---saw its crested head and its vertical dive into the bay for a snack.

At least three species of woodpeckers frequented the large dead tree between the back porch and the bay---definitely a pileated, several smaller ones that look like downy or hairy, can't tell which, and a mystery species that has a solid brown body and dark red head. Except for its brown body it looks and pecks and circumnavigates the tree in every way woodpecker, though I can't find it in the identification guides.

And a new prologue arrived this morning on the dock, already cut from whole cloth.

One could not expect more of a day. dkm

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Anonymous said...

It sounds so wonderful where you are. I hope you're getting lots of writing done! :o)