Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wake-up Call

Who's at the gate? Came the creak again and again. Who's there? I wasn't afraid. I only wondered. I opened my eyes. It was 6:38 a.m. Again came the call of the rusty gate. My eagle!

I tossed back the covers and stumbled, pre-coffee, to open the door. There he was. Calling from his favored pine branch. Waiting.

He opened his wings. Welcome, he might as well have said. He folded them up again, crouched, leaned toward the bay, opened wide and lifted off, ever so slowly. His wings whispered, "Follow me, and don't forget to read Graeme Gibson today." "Right," I answered.

I had intended to write about the ever-changing nature of the bay water this morning, but a bald eagle woke me up. dkm


Anonymous said...

Would he come down if you left food for him?

dkm said...

Fancy you should ask. I tried leaving my shrimp skins and tails and a few whole pieces of leftover shrimp on the table beneath the tree, but they stayed there for three days untouched. I finally threw them in the trash.

Maybe he didn't like them cooked!

I was surprised that none of the wildlife in the area had any interest at all in my gift of leftover shrimp!