Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I will take my meals on the front porch swing to see if there are more birds in the thick growth of vine & moss covered trees on the land side of the house. Have heard Carolina wrens nd tufted titmice in the mornings, but haven't seen them, but for the persistent titmouse after his reflection in the car mirror.

This morning a family of fledgling titmice cavort in the trees and vines not 20 feet from where I swing. Small and disheveled looking, they don't yet have their sunny colored sides. They appear to be having time of their lives, swinging and hanging from the softer more flexible twines of whatever vines have taken over these trees.

I think now the one that is so enamored of its own reflection in the side mirror of my car is a youngster. Again and again it returns to have another go at it. It pecks and flutters against the mirror then perches on top to rest a moment before trying his hand again. I'm thinking the poor bird will have a distorted view of the world in later life.

All at once the titmice are gone, and the trees are silent. Where are the other bird species? dkm

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