Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quiet Interrupted / Red Shouldered Hawk

Oh, that I could keep my mouth shut. I might have been able to make a positive identification with the help of my friend Roger Tory. But who wouldn't have been startled by the loud crash in the tall grass on the other side of the screen? I had been deeply engrossed in revisions of Ch 10.

I looked up, directly into the eye of what I think was a red-shouldered hawk, not 5 feet away, with only a screen door between us. He flew away immediately, gone from sight by the time I hollered, stood, and got to the door. What I could see in his momentary landing and take-off, aside from that scary eye-to-eye part, were large rust colored wingtops and a distinctly striped tail as he pushed off. His body was about the size of a crow, with smaller head, larger wingspan. I'm pretty sure he was after the little green lizard that had been rustling around in the sunny grass, entertaining me as I worked. Imagine HIS surprise. I hope I saved him by my scream.

I couldn't tell if the hawk was successful. I'm thankful I have only to open a carton of yogurt and stir in a few almonds for my lunch. dkm

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