Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh Supper

An hour ago this mullet was swimming happily in the bay. A fisherman motored by, slow and close to the dock where I was sitting. He was throwing nets. I flagged him down to ask if he'd sell me a couple mullet for my supper.

F: I only got three. I'll give em to ya.
D: I'd gladly pay for them. Don't you fish for a living?
F: (Might as well have rolled his eyes) Yeah, but 3 or 4 hunderd pounds at a time. I'm just fishin today.
D: Trouble is, I don't know how to clean a fish. Can you fillet them for me?
F: You got a knife?
D: Not a sharp one. Can you do it with a dull knife?
F: If you hurry up!
D: (Laughing) Okay, I get the point.

Three large mullet and three smaller fish were flopping on the floor of his boat. I ran to the house and returned with three knives and a grocery bag. He chose a knife and set to work on my dock.

D: While you're at it I'm going after my camera.
F: I'll be done before you get back!
D: But I want to give you a couple of greenbacks for your trouble.
F: Suit yourself.

I returned in time to get several good photos. He threw the heads, backbones, entrails, and the three little fish into the bay.

D: What kind are the little ones?
F: Junk in the net.
D: The crabs will eat well tonight.
F: You gotta crab trap?
D: No, I'm leaving tomorrow. Take this for your trouble.
F: I can't take $20 for three fish. Don't you have change?
D: Keep it. It was worth it for the photos.
F: If I had a stone I'd sharpen your knife.
D: Buy yourself a good bottle of wine and have a nice evening.
B: Thank you, ma'am.
D: Thank YOU.

I dredged the fillets in salty flour and fried them in olive oil. Mmmmm. dkm

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