Sunday, June 7, 2009

Following Grandma K's Best Advice: Never Give Up

Who builds the nest in squirrel world? Male or female? Whichever it is, this one entertained Moe and me over our morning coffee for nearly an hour. Unsuccessfully she kept trying to begin a nest high in the pin oak tree in the adjacent yard and was still at it when we went inside. She was cutting large leafy end-twigs and dragging them to a high Y in the interior of the tree. Each deposited twig pushed the one before it out of the Y, but Madame Squirrel appeared not to be discouraged. Again and again, she ran back out to another end-branch to cut a leafy twig twice her size, sometimes dropping it in process, starting over, dragging it back to the Y, consistently pushing out the most recent deposit in the delivery of the next. Do hope she gets the nest built before she goes into labor. dkm

Next day progress report: No nest in the Y, no sign of squirrel in the vicinity.

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